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Performance Highlights

HY – 2023

In inflation-adjusted terms, revenue and profit from operations are 140% and 257% above the comparative period respectively. There has been strong volume growth across all businesses and in particular the tobacco-related businesses.

TSL HY2023: Revenue: +140%
TSL HY2023: EBITDA: +163%
TSL HY2023: PBT: +108%

A focus on executing the Group’s strategy which has incorporated investment in expanding capacity, utilising technology, improving operating efficiencies, securing new business and deployment of capital for value has enhanced profitability given the dynamics in the operating environment.

A. S. Mandiwanza, Board Chairman

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About TSL Limited

TSL Limited is a holding company incorporated and domiciled in Zimbabwe, whose shares are publicly traded on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Founded in 1957, TSL Limited is an integral and intelligent handler of all movement in the agricultural value chain. We provide comprehensive solutions in the agricultural value chain – from seed to shelf.

We provide agricultural inputs (chemicals, fertilisers and packaging), a market exchange platform and end-to-end logistics solutions to producers and processors of agricultural commodities on our intelligent and integrated business platforms.

Company Information

Registered Name TSL Limited (TSL.zw)
ISIN ZW 000 901 157 9
Ticker Code TSL.zw
Sector Industrial holding
Stock Exchange Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Non-Executive Chairman Anthony S Mandiwanza
Chief Executive Officer Derek Odoteye
Company Secretary Fadzayi Pedzisayi
Transfer Secretary Corpserve Registrars (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Year End October
Year Founded 1957
Year Listed 1957

3 Reasons to Consider Investing in TSL Limited

Market Leader

We are here to transform the agricultural value chain through our leading brands: Agricura (a leader in agro-chemicals); Bak Logistics (the most warehouse space under roof); Propak (a leader in tobacco packaging); Premier Forklifts (a Toyota lifting equipment supplier with the largest fleet of forklifts in the country)

Moving Agriculture

When it comes to risk, cost and supply chain management, we are the only integrated inputs, commodity exchange and logistics solutions provider that can say “Focus on your core business and leave everything else to us

+60 Years of Excellence

Creating sustainable value through logistics, agriculture and real estate

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